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Shear Beam Load Cells' Weighing Modules

BRANS supplies this TFC weighing module with maximum capacities of 220 kg, 550 kg, 1.1 t, 1.76 t, 2.0 t, 2.2 t and 4.4 t.

They are mainly designed for tank weighing applications and they are equipped with a lift-off securing device. The modules consist of a base plate, the load cell complete with load application elements, and the cover plate. A pendulum support is used for the load application, providing compensation for horizontal load shifts (as, for example, can arise through thermal strain). The weighing modules are pre-assembled and supplied with grounding cable.

Nominal load

220 kg / 550 kg / 1,1 t / 1,76 t / 2 t / 2,2 t / 4,4 t


Key Features

  • Equipped with shear beam load cells

  • Compact installation at minimum installation height

  • With transverse stay rod

  • Self-restoring due to pendle bearing

  • Galvanized material and Stainless steel version available

  • With lift-off device and lifting device


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