Reaction torque sensor
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Flange to Flange Reaction Torque Sensor(BTQ-903)

Used for measurement of static, non-continuous rotational torque force

  • B903
  • 011
    • 1Nm
    • 2Nm
    • 3Nm
    • 5Nm
    • 6Nm
    • 10Nm
    • 20Nm
    • 30Nm
    • 50Nm
    • 100Nm
    • 150Nm
  • reaction torque force
  • 1,2,3,5,6,10, 20,30,50,100,150N.m
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • 37.6*50.8 (D*H)
  • column type

1.       Product Name:Flange to Flange Reaction Torque Sensor(B903)

2.       Material: Aluminum Alloy

3.       Capacity: 1,2,3,5,6,10, 20,30,50,100,150N.m

4.       Features:

           Easily integrates into OEM applications

           Designed for Torque auditing

           Flange to flange design, easy to install

           Aluminum construction

           Strain gauge based      

   6. Datasheet

参数 Specifications 技术指标/Technique
额定容量 Capacity 1,2,3,5,6,10, 20,30,50,100,150N.m
输出灵敏度 Rated output 1.5±10%mV/V
零点输出 Zero balance ±2% F.S.
非线性 Non-linearity 0.1%F.S.
滞后 Hysteresis 0.1%F.S.
重复性 Repeatability 0.05%F.S.
蠕变(30min Creep(30min) 0.1%F.S.
温度灵敏度漂移 Temp.effect on output 0.05%F.S./10
零点温度漂移 Temp.effect on zero 0.05%F.S./10
输入电阻 Input impedance 410±20Ω
输出电阻 Output impedance 350±10Ω
绝缘电阻 Insulation ≥5000MΩ/100VDC
激励电压 Recommended excitation 5~15V
最大激励电压 Maximum excitation 20V
温度补偿范围 Compensated temp range -10~60
工作温度范围 Operation temp range -20~80
安全超载 Safe overload 120%F.S.
极限超载 Ultimate overload 150%F.S.
电缆线尺寸 Cable size φ3×4000mm
材料 Material aluminum alloy(铝合金)
单件重量 Weight approx. 0.2kg
防护等级 IP Class IP65


 5.    Description: 

   The B903 Flange to Flange Reaction Torque Sensor can accommodate applications that include automotive braking, engine and transmission dynamometers, torque table, fastener testing, aircraft engine testing, and marine shaft torque measurements with shaft horsepower monitors. The B903 is available in both, aluminum and stainless steel construction and offers a unique solution for torque auditing applications. This particular Reaction Torque Sensor can be used to evaluate low-torque components and controls. Flange-reaction torque sensors measure small-reaction torque levels using flange-to-flange connections in-line with the component under test.


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