Rotary torque sensor
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50Nm Disc torque sensor rotary torque sensor (BTQ-420P)

Heavy duty big capacity Rotary Torque Force Sensor could install

  • BTQ-420P
  • Stainless steel
  • 50-400Nm,500-900Nm,1k-4kNm, 5k-9kNm, 10k-40kNm, 50
  • Rotary type
  • Flange to flange
  1. Name: Big capacity heavy duty rotary torque sensor 400Nm (BTQ-420P)

  2. Type: BTQ-420P Series

  3. Capacity: 50-400Nm,500-900Nm,1k-4kNm, 5k-9kNm, 10k-40kNm, 50k-100kNm.

  4. Material: Stainless steel or alloy steel

  5. Features:

 Compact size with low weight and easy toinstall;

 Both static torque and rotational torquecan be measured;

 high detection accuracy, good stability,strong anti-interference;

 The sensor can be used independentlyfrom the secondary instrument to directlyform a torque measuring device with themeasuring board, PLC or DCS;

 Reversing torque can be measuredcontinuously without repeated zeroadjustment ;;

 Strain Elastic body strength, canwithstand 150% load;

 Mainly used in various test benches suchas engine, dynamometer and electric motortest bench applications;

6. datasheet: see attached